Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sephora Singapore

I can't wait to go to ION in Singapore to see the shop. I am quite happy with Bliss and Philosophy which I was recommended in San Diego's Sephora. I think Philosophy is too sticky and thick but Bliss is smooth and silky, giving my face a light sheen. I also tried Eye Hope, but while it may have helped dark circles a bit, my fine lines were still there. I got a sample of neuropeptide from Perricone and overnight it seems to have helped the lines this morning. This is a test. Will write more later.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Homecoming" transferrence

While playing with the wiki for Literary Circle for the 9th graders, I had an epiphany.  As below:
The idea that life is a journey is certainly one the resonates with me.  I am now at what I euphemistically call "a certain age" and realize that finally I have reached a point.  I have been on a journey all this time,never really making any real decisions but following instinctively what makes sense at this time.  Now, I realize I do have choices and I can be a lot more discriminating.  


Hmm... never mind.  I got in.  Great.  I'll play with the menu now instead.  And you have to deal with my maniacal rambling.  Soon I'll have students doing projects and stuff here.  Pont Alexandre in Paris... a more iconic sight you'll ever find.  

Workshop Day2

Now that I have been asked to verify my account, it took me someplace where it asked me to sign in using a google account.  I don't even know what my login for google is!!  So I'll probably not be able to sign in after this.  I'll sign out and try to log back in.  If you see a 3rd post, that means somehow, I'll still logging in using my original email account.  Let's see... 

Welcome to technology

And boy, do I feel exposed! There is a reason why I was dragged screaming and kicking into blogging-sphere. If not for this workshop, I would still be living my private world. Now, if anyone wants to, they can read my mundane, ordinary little thoughts, so precious to me, but of little value to anyone else out there. I will delete this later. (Testing 2 - publish to see how it looks like on my blog)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Welcome, English Bloggers!

Welcome all, the the great and wonderful world of English.  A world of communication and mature relationship is open to you.  Here, we will share ideas, throw adventurous yet intelligent opinions around, and ask for feedback.  Support and friendship are expectations in the World of English.  Come in, join us, and have fun while doing it!